New Camera (Canon 600D/Rebel T3i)

So last week I purchased the Canon 600D/ Rebel T3i. I’ve been dabbing around with it practicing some basics. I am hoping to go and film sometime next week and post it. Here is a photo I took of the Canon 600D.

I took a while to actually get this camera. Originally I was getting a twin lens kit, but they had sold out on them and the electronics store told me that they had one singe lens kit in stock but I had to go to another store to pick it up. Turns out that camera (still the 600D) was only the body. After confusion I told the store I wanted a full refund and actually went to another store which gave me the single lens kit within twenty minutes of being there. It’s safe to say where I will shop for electronics in the future.

Like I said with just under a week I am very pleased with what I got. The picture quality and video quality is perfect. I was torn whether to save up for the 60D or get the 550D but I ultimately went with the 600D. Although the sound is terrible, I will hope to get a Rode Mic for now that will do the job nicely. Everything is looking good!


Canon 600D